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Our Detachable Safety Fences.

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Why Safetykids?

Safety for your children, your grandchildren and your pets.

Not taking your eyes off is almost impossible. Watching the children at all times is an impossible mission, a minimum oversight can be fatal: in 10 seconds, a child can fall into the water, and in less than 20 seconds he can drown. Children do not make noise when falling making it even more difficult to detect the fall. 
They just go find a ball, get a hand wet or get water to water the flowers ... These are risks that our experience has shown us.

What are SafetyKids fences like?

Security and protection for those you love the most.

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We manufacture and market modular security fences for all types of pools, easily installed on stone, grass and wooden floors.
With 30mm and 16mm diameter poles.


Elegant and personalized design, it integrates perfectly into the environment of your pool and garden. The design consists of reinforced aluminum posts and elastic and transparent fabric.
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Light and strong

Light and resistant, they do not require maintenance: they do not have to be cleaned or repainted. They resist the action of the sun, water and other external agents.

Impossible to climb on.

Our fences do not have anchor points for the child's foot. Therefore, they cannot lean at any point to climb or climb the fence.
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The right height

The best height for a security fence is 1.22m. Height recommended by the Ministry of Health and the CTE (technical building code). SafetyKids manufactures different heights such as 1m, 1.22m and custom sections, contact us.

Colors of our removable fences

We have various colors available. But we always recommend the darkest ones, since they are the most transparent and in this way you will be able to see what is inside the pool enclosure and through it. And this is undoubtedly one of the important parts of the security of your fence.
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100% personalized and adaptable to any space and shape of the pool.Fence anchors can be installed on stone, artificial and natural grass or wood floors. We give you the installation guide.

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Our removable pool safety fences help you protect what you love most: your children, your grandchildren and your pets.

We have developed a product 100% adaptable to the characteristics of any pool that meets the highest demands for quality, aesthetics and competitive price.


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