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Installation of security fences for swimming pools.

Our removable security fences are delivered with everything you need for the installation, such as dowels, plugs, drilling template, security closures, warranty and installation guide.
Even so, if you need help with the installation, we provide help in your areas of residence. We have a network of national and international installers.

100% personalized and adaptable to any space and shape of the pool or garden.

Installation on any pavement, the anchors of the fences can be installed on pavements of stone, artificial and natural grass or wood. We give you the installation guide.

How and where are the fences installed?

Installation of Detachable SafetyKids Pool Safety Fences.

Download the installation guide!


Fences here!

Availability and deliveries all year.

See how protected swimming pools can be with the SafetyKids fences. Highest protection and tranquility for swimmers of all ages…

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Our removable pool safety fences help you protect what you love most: your children, your grandchildren and your pets.

We have developed a product 100% adaptable to the characteristics of any pool that meets the highest demands for quality, aesthetics and competitive price.


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