About SafetyKids


At SafetyKids we make your wish come true: the highest protection for children in the pool. Like you, we are parents concerned about the safety of who are most at risk of drowning: kids and pets.

Recent statistics show that 13% of deaths of children aged 0-14 are due to drowning. Most of the cases occur in private swimming pools that lack the necessary safety elements. A child can drown in seconds, while we take a while to look at something on the mobile.

The best solution: pool fences by SafetyKids

We are direct manufacturers and sellers of removable fences for all kind of swimming pools. We create an elegant and customised design for your pool and advise you from start to finish. Install SafetyKids and make a difference: Having a safe pool has never been easier! How can we help? 

» SafetyKids Customer Service:  +34 640 305 182    info@safetykids.es

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