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Never losing sight of them is almost impossible. We can’t keep an eye on kids all the time, but the slightest mistake can be fatal: in 10 seconds, a child can fall and capsize in the water, and in less than 20 seconds he can drown. They just go to get a ball, wet a hand or fetch water for the flowers… These are some of the risks that our experience has proven to us. 

What are SafetyKids fences like?

– We manufacture and sell modular safety fences for all kind of swimming pools, which can be installed on stone, grass and wood floors.
Elegant and customized design, it fits perfectly into the environment of your pool and garden.
– The design consists of a series of aluminium posts and elastic fabric.
– Light and resistant, they don’t need maintenance: they don’t need to be cleaned or repainted. They resist the action of the sun, water and other external agents.

– They cannot be climbed, as they have no anchorage points for the child’s foot. Cannot lean on any point to climb the fence.
Fence height: 1.22 m (the height recommended by the Ministry of Health).
– Colors: black, gray, among others. Transparent fabric, allows you to see the bottom of your pool. Here you can see the colour chart and several elements (click to enlarge the pictures).

100% customized | Adaptable to any area and shape of the pool
Fence anchors can be installed on stone pavements, artificial and natural grass or wood.

» The Spanish Pediatrics Association warns:

Drownings in children under the age of 5 occur mainly in private pools or pools in private communities. The danger in such young children lies in the fact that they are more independent than a baby, that is, they move with agility and can therefore escape the supervision of the adult, besides they don’t recognize dangerous situations and they still have no dexterity in the water in case they fall into it“.

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